Day #3 – Adjust Your Expectations

This blog post is part of my Personal Coronavirus Challenge where I write about remote working and facilitation every day for as long as the imposed quarantine lasts with the intent to get into the habit of writing regularly and (hopefully) getting better at it.

Having everybody working from home is an important step for each and every company that is able to do so, to protect their employees. But don’t expect your staff to be able to give 100% during these times, even if they are used to work remotely. Don’t expect them to deliver on their commitments and don’t expect them to meet all the deadlines that were communicated before the pandemic. Because what happens with the world around us creates uncertainty, stress and anxiety. Priorities are going to shift for each individual. Productivity is going to drop. Kids are sent home. Parents who have to work need to be creative and flexible. Routines are disrupted.

If you still believe your team will deliver as before, you’re insane. Stop it! Now!