My Personal Corona Challenge

While we were encouraged to work from home for the last two weeks because of Coronavirus, it’s now officially a mandate starting tomorrow, March 17, 2020. Our office will be closed. Nobody is allowed to go to work. Everybody has to stay at home and work remotely.

Most of us are working from home every now and then and most of my work colleagues are part of a fully or partly distributed team. However, being at home every day, not seeing your work colleagues in the office, not having ad-hoc social interactions and suddenly being in fully remote meetings is a major change and can be challenging. That is why, from tomorrow on, I’ll post daily thoughts and tips on remote working and being in general as well as remote meeting facilitation. And I will do this for as long as the imposed working from home quarantine is going to last.

Update Monday March 30
Right…I think it’s time to lower the bar. I’m now fourteen Days into my personal corona challenge and already skipped four days. Why? The short answer is – I just don’t feel inspired at the moment. So why putting pressure on myself. Heck, I’ll just write when I’m feeling inspried or actually have something meaningful to share.